Secret Society

Tyler Durden talks about the secret world of the player.

Many guys will dislike this, because it implies that women are sluts and untrustworthy. Well, I can only speak from my experience and report back what I’ve seen. I’m also posting in a semi-satirical tone – I haven’t gone off the deepend….. yet… :)

A secret society exists. Around 52% of people on this earth are a part of it.

Of that 52%, 50% are women, 2% are men.

Of that 2%, 1% of those men are gay, the other 1% are players.

What I’m talking about is the sex secret society – and you are either *IN* or *OUT*.


1) Don’t talk about the secret society.

2) The priority of the secret society is to have perpetually good emotions in all members.

3) Create shrowds around the secret society, like “all men are dogs”. Hide the truth that women are far more likely to cheat than men.

4) If you are part of the secret society, you will never be denied anything at any point.

5) If you are not part of the secret society, you will scrap and beg for everything you get.

6) Communication in the secret society is less often verbal, and more often spoken through bodylanguage subcommunications, and verbal subcommunications that would only make sense to members. Any other way, and the 48% of men would pick up on it, and it would no longer be a secret.

7) At the first sign that someone who is not part of the secret society is possibly trying to pretend that he is, barate him with both love-rhetoric, and accusations of chauvanism and nit-witted-ness.

It’s OK to cheat on someone who is not a part of the secret society, so long as it is for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of someone who is, or if it to fulfill your own needs and it is with someone who is a part of the secret society. Sleeping with a rare guy from the secret society is no worse than grinding with a girlfriend at a club and making out with her. “It doesn’t count”.

9) Nobody judges eachother in the secret society. There is no such thing as a slut. A slut is only as slutty as people who are NOT in the secret society are aware of.

10) Secret society members COME FIRST. If someone in the society is not having fun with an interaction, it is cut off. Conversely, if a secret society male is with a non-secret-society male, and a secret society female (all females) decides she wants sex from the secret society male, the friend of the female may have sex with the non-secret-society male, because EVERYONE in the interaction must feel good. However, if the non-secret-society male is blowing himself out so badly that he makes the female member feel very bad emotions, then the secret-society-male must face the consequences of bringing negative emotions into the equation, and lose out on his privilege for sex in that interaction, until he ditches the non-secret-society male. Bear minimum requirements for non-secret-society males being grandfathered in with the male member, is that he not qualify himself or make anyone feel uncomfortable. Failing to meet those requirements, both are blown out.


Women are repressed by men, and so must look out for themselves. They will take care of:

1) Their own sexual needs.

2) The sexual needs of anyone in the secret society.

3) The sexual needs of the few males who make the secret society possible (“players”).

The secret society is what allows women to appear wholesome and allows them to screen for a long term provider/emotionaltampon.

Women hold off to find the perfect boyfriend, while sleeping with a guy who is likely sleeping with all of their friends, and their friends friends.

They also fuck their gay boyfriends or jerk them off or give them head. They’re part of the secret society too, so they can’t be left out.

EYE WITNESS ACCOUNTS FROM SECRET SOCIETY INSIDERS (based on dozens of interviews I did over the summer, with girls in London England, as well as some from my own experience as a player):

1) If you tell a girl that you’re gay, and that you want to “see what it feels like to be with a girl”, she’ll sleep with you. She won’t insist on using a condom either, unless you do. You’re part of the secret society, where condoms aren’t necessary because they are logical entities and not emotionally relevant.

2) If you subcommunicate that you are a part of the secret society, and tell the friend of your target “I’m really lonely. My girlfriend cheated on me, and I need to re-validate myself tonight”, she’ll tell her friend to fuck you. Her friend will realize from this that you are a part of the secret society, and she’ll fuck you. Moreover, if the friend refuses, the ugly girl will offer you a blowjob to help you out.

3) If you manage to verbally subcommunicate that you are a member (its still subcommunication, because the verbal ways you communicate it aren’t direct at all), the secret society members will gladly tell you all about their sexual exploits and adventures. As soon as you subcommunicate that you desire romance, she will immediately retract all of her previous statements (and she’ll look completely congruent doing so), and downplay them that it was something she did just one time and that she’s looking for a relationship.PUA: “I love to go out and hook up. I hate it when girls try to run my life”.. HB: “Me too.. I hooked up with guys all last year.. My boyfriend tried to control me, but I do what I want.. My girlfriends all do it too.”PUA: “Really? Cause to be honest, I’ve always felt like I’m a romantic guy.. And girls always cheat on me.. I want to find a girl who won’t cheat.”HB: “I would never cheat. Guys are dogs. I’m always loyal.”PUA: “But didn’t you say…”HB: “No, I said nothing.”PUA: “No, you said that you don’t let your boyfriend control you and you do what you want.”HB: “No, I didn’t mean that. I’m not a slut. I have no idea what you’re talking about, I didn’t say that.”

4) If you are a member, and say that you are really lonely and you need someone to snuggle and makeout with, all members of the secret society will agree to do so with you. If you are a girl, you have privilege to snuggle and kiss and sleep in the same bed as all other girls. If you are gay, you can do the same. If it escalates to sex, its an accident and does not count. If you’re a player, and you make girls around you emotional, and the friends are all in good emotions about it, they sleep with you. No one is a slut in the secret society, because the secret society does not judge.

5) If a group of girls living together find a guy who is in the secret society, they will all fuck him. They’ll recommend him as an honourary secret society member, and enjoy him. Meanwhile they may be in relationships with non-secret society members that they’ve fallen in love with, however this is not an issue because nobody in the secret society judges and sex with people in the secret society does not count. If you are a secret society member now, but in the past enjoyed a romantic relationship, what you may not realize is the part that was left out of the romance novel story (due to rules no1&2 of the secret society code), which was that after you dropped her off your romantic star watching, a secret society member came by and fucked the shit out of her without a condom and gave her the money shot all over her face.

6) If a secret society male has a non member male friend, the friend of the girl who wants sex from the male member will have sex with the non-member even if she doesn’t like him. However, rules state that if if the non-member is “creepy/scary” (kinos too much, leans in too much, asks dumb questions, tries too hard to impress, overqualifies), then the male member will be expected to return either alone or with another male member. Also, the male members must remember that positive emotions are always priority, and if he is alone he must still maintain the positive emotions of the female member who will not be getting sex, secret society rules not to be breached. Number 1 rule of the secret society, outside of not talking about it, is that EVERYONE maintains GOOD emotions.


The 49% of men who live outside of the secret society don’t understand the mental model of attraction of people who are in the secret society.

Men view attraction in their MALE MENTAL MODELS. They believe that attraction is “sexual aggression”. They understand attraction as having a physical urge to have sex, and then mentally deciding that you will go after it.

They try to seduce women by touching and grabbing them, and getting them very horny. They try to seduce them in the SAME WAY that a woman would do well seducing THEM. They try to seduce them as if they were seducing a GUY. This sometimes works, and the propaganda is spread – “this is how to get chicks”.

Secret society members will not fill them in, due to breach of the code.

What the secret society members are not telling you, is that they understand that most sex occurs when women are not sexually AGGRESSIVE, but sexually RECEPTIVE.

They understand that for women to be ready for sex, they need not feel horny, they need only feel EMOTIONAL.

They understand that women are not logical, and that they are emotional. They understand that for women sex is not a big deal at all, and that its their LOGIC that puts the breaks on it.

They understand that most women are afraid of sex because they lack TRUST, and because their LOGIC is putting on the breaks.

They disarm logic by making the women EMOTIONAL, so that their LOGIC (which is the BREAKS of emotion) becomes disarmed, and at the same time maintain TRUST, so that the emotions generated won’t be interfered with.

Then they simply have sex, because although the women are not WANTING sex, they are too EMOTIONAL to DECLINE sex. Then, once they BEGIN to have a physical interaction, the women become horny and sexually aggressive as a result, and sex begins.

(NOTE: This is why girls must COCKBLOCK for eachother. Because they know that clubs are emotionally charged environments, and that it wouldn’t take much for a guy to use her resulting sexual receptiveness to lay her. The guy may not be a guy that the girl would lay normally, were she feeling more logical, so the girls must look out for eachother. Guys don’t need to do this because firstly, they will not be judged for sleeping around (no logic), secondly, they are sexually aggressive – not receptive – so their decisions will not be regretted later usually, and thirdly, because they do not need trust because they are not usually in any physical danger).

They also understand that value + trust + attraction = sex (rough lazy model).

Value = being someone in the secret society (it can also be SO many other things, but being a member can in some cases be sufficient)

Trust = not telegraphing interest

Attraction = increasing her buying temperature by making her emotional (emotionally aroused, not necessarily physically aroused.. the former will cause her to be too illogical to prevent you from causing the latter, when she’s ready)

Don’t tell anyone about this. All knowledge will be denied and you will be ridiculed.

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56 Responses to Secret Society

  1. scooby says:

    50% of %52 is not 50%.

    • b0b says:

      He means that:

      The “Secret Society” is 52% of the population. As in all of the women, and a tiny percentage of men. 4% of the men (2% total pop) to be exact.

      Don’t be such a pedantic nerd.

      • Prince says:

        kharab niti bhaya ko tarai basi madhese pani npleai ho tara nepal ma basera india ko parsansa garne madhese haru chai madhes andolan ka neta haru hun jo nepal npleai ra tarai basi ko bhalo kadapi chadai nan ti sabi pure dhoti hun. tara sabai dhoti lagaune neapli mutu ra man bhaya ka tarai basi dhoti hun bhana mildai na ni ki kaso

      • jimminy cricket says:

        By explaining Scooby’s comment b0b is in fact showing that he is not in the secret society.

  2. Simon FuckThisShit says:

    ok ive been part of the community for 2 years now and newcomers let me ENSURE you taht what is been “sold” here, a paradise exclusive for members IS TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT.

    THere is no “secret society” only poorly confident males who CANNOT LIVE LIFE WITHOUT THE FEELING OF BEING SPECIAL AND UNIQUE.


  3. Simon FuckThisShit says:

    And these people selling you this bullshit are laughing there asses out buying useless stuff with your hard earned cash.



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  5. Martin says:

    Everybody has their own ways of thinking.. If it’s working for some of them : fine !! Everybody is happy their own way! Don’t we say that life’s goal is to be happy ?!

    • Mike says:

      to be happy to be fulfilled but if you never get laid from hott girls how can you be happy? I think you are in denial because you do not get girls.

  6. Mike says:

    that is why one guy will bang a bunch of hott girls and all the nice guys these girls go to the club with get nothing, this is so true!!!

  7. ANAND BIJETA says:

    Tantra (Sanskrit: तन्त्र , Odia: ତନ୍ତ୍ର”loom, warp”; hence “principle, system, doctrine”, from the two root words tanoti “stretch, extend”, and trayati “liberation”), anglicised tantricism or tantrism or tantram, refers to esoteric schools of Hinduism and Buddhism and to the scriptures (called “Tantras”) commonly identified with the worship of Shakti.[1] Tantra deals primarily with spiritual practices and ritual forms of worship that aim at liberation from ignorance and rebirth,[1] the universe being regarded as the divine play of Shakti and Shiva.[1] In “left-handed” Tantra (Vamachara), ritual sexual intercourse is employed as a way of entering into the underlying processes and structure of the universe.[2]

    Tantrism originated in the early centuries CE and developed into a fully articulated tradition by the end of the Gupta period. It has influenced the Hindu, Sikh, Bön, Buddhist, and Jain religious traditions and spread with Buddhism to East Asia and Southeast Asia.

  8. John says:

    Wow, this is just pure bullshit, obviously written from a man who has absolutely no idea what the fuck he is talking about.

    It’s puerile, useless drivel, concocted from an over-imaginative, inexperienced and some might say deluded mind.

    Life isn’t this cut and dry or black and white. There is no ‘secret society’ of people fucking their brains out behind closed doors, having massive unprotected group sex and circle jerks around horny, animalistic females. This is the stuff of porn, not real life.

    Women cheat about as much as men, but like so many things in life not all women cheat and not all men cheat. Some women are in committed relationships with men that are just as committed as they are. Some people have high self-esteem and some low. Some women have high sex drives and some low. Some women will fuck 3 dudes in one night and some wait for relationships, some wait for MARRIAGE. Some dudes do too. Women (and men) cockblock for many different reasons: jealousy, fear, abandonment, whatever.

    And the guy who is getting to bang all three girls who live together? There could me any myriad of reasons for this. He could be a stallion, have a 10″ dick, be really good looking, or they could all be insecure sluts.

    Some ‘hot’ women have really low self esteem and/or are cunts and some ‘hot’ men are retarded

    This is the fact that these infantile, idiotic ‘pick-up artists’ fail to grasp.

    Different strokes move the world. Wake up to it.

    Lose your need to control and manipulate other people into doing what you want. It’s never going to happen. Instead of trying to endlessly figure out and expose absurd generalizations out of this wonderful rainbow we call existence, start by taking a deep, long, hard and empathetic look at yourself.

    You might not like what you see. Stop trying to solve life and start living it.

  9. Patrick says:

    I read this like 4 years ago when I was in high school and my jaw dropped… “HOLY SHIT THERE’S LIKE A SEX CONSPIRACY MAAAAAN!!”

    I took it too seriously. But after reading it again, I must say, Tyler brings up some really good points. I want to elaborate on the fact that I think a majority of it is bullshit, but he even says in the beginning that it’s written in a semi-satirical tone.

    Lets face it… Women are fucking genius liars. I know women who have full fledged families who are sleeping behind their husbands backs, and you would never guess it observing her around the family. To her, IT JUST DOESNT COUNT.

    That’s the underlying theme i got from this. When it comes to sex.. It’s not logical to women. If you could flip that switch she’ll want to CONCEIVE OF YOUR CHILD. These are very powerful biological urges. All social norms and values go out the window when these urges are activated.


  10. Throughfare says:

    Patrick: Bang on (so-to-speak) Attraction is definitely not a choice, and women who seem like the most boring,goody-two-shoes, are doing stuff to PUAs that their BFs/husbands could only fantasize about.

    John: Wash out your mouth with soap. Being rude to people just makes people dislike you, and turns them off from hearing what you are trying to communicate. Also, I can only say that it’s obvious you’ve never known Owen. I have, and in terms of doing crazy-ass sex escapades that actually are the stuff of porn fantasies, yes, he’s been there, done that. Seen it with my own eyes, more importantly *Done* it with my own . . . well, nuff said.

    You can get technical about what’s actually going on when chicks do sex that ‘doesn’t count’ with Alphas/PUAs. In fact Mark Cunningham does exactly that in his infamous book Scoring With Married Women. You can learn a lot more from MC’s book about how to actually make the phenomenon work for you than you do from TDs post from mASF above. He does take a sort of semi-serious approach, using languaging from The Fight Club, and exaggerating by including all women in the candidate pool, but his underlying message is dead serious: if you’re not aware of the fact that there are guys out there who women hook up naturally with, no strings attached, you’re walking around with your Eyes Wide Shut. Open up your mind, probe for the secrets behind people’s sexuality, and a whole new world, that has been operating parallel to your conventional one, will open up to you. And yes, the reference to the movie title was intentional.

    • Ronaldo says:

      Nice post!! kati kura ma sahamati pani lgaoya ni tapaile le vaneka क झ samma chai khai k khai k jasto lagyo hai maile dekhe anushar tini haru le matra hoina ki aaru le pani testo kaam garchha ni pahad ko hos ki himal ko sabai koa afnai yeuta chhuttai way hunchhha ni but tyo kaam chai sabaile gareko nai hunchha bachna ko laagi kaam garne saano kaam thulo kaam ani bolai .. riti riwaj tyo ta different hune nai vayo ani aarko chai aba Madhesi group le andolan gareko chha aajawaj uthako chha tiniharu lai pelna hunna sabai nepali vannu parchah vanne kura kasaile force gardaima dimag ma ghusne kura hoina main kura chai Education ho sabailai jankari chai huna paryo ki We are human and We are belong to the same country Nepal vanera uni haru ko maag pura agrdaima satta ma lyaudai ma hune ta kei chahina jo tathabatha chhan uni haru ko bhalai hunchha ani baaki andlond garne morne ko kei na kei hai ani madhesi sahavagita lai hoina aafno ability chha kei garna sakne khubi chha vane ta kasle po rokchha ra Democratic country tei mathi Loktantra k k vako ma ani Nepal sano desh vaye pani madhes vanda pani sarai ani sarai abikasit thau haru dherai chhhan we cant just indicate madhes *हो मधेशीहरु ठूलो संख्यामा विपन्न छन् । अशिक्षित छन् । बेरोजगारी व्यापक छ । सभ्यता पछाडि परेको छ । तर यसमाथि प्रहार गर्ने काम नाजायज हो । मधेशीहरुको विकाश नभई देशको विकास सम्भव छैन । त्यसैले मधेशको विकास जरुरी छ ।* yo ta malai kati ni maan parena .. thanks

  11. Daviniel Marquez says:

    I woulve called bullshit on this article 2 years ago… But then I entered the community and slept with about 3 girls who had boyfriends, acting completely un remorseful about it… The article might be exagerated, but there is truth behind these words….

  12. BGX says:

    John says “Life isn’t this cut and dry or black and white. There is no ‘secret society’ of people fucking their brains out behind closed doors, having massive unprotected group sex and circle jerks around horny, animalistic females. This is the stuff of porn, not real life.”

    For the most part you are right john, but there are some mistakes in your statement. First: YES, there are crazy things going on behind closed doors and NO you haven’t seen or heard of it b/c you are not a member.

    Second: NO, it’s not a big steamy circle jerk of guys around women. That will indeed turn 99% of women off (probally more). It’s a heavily dominated female group with a few guys sprinkled in. You have the idea right but the girl/guy ratio backwards.

  13. Chris Ashimole says:

    My own understanding on this is that people flown into this “act” not for the sake of fun or emotional satisfaction, but it is linked up with ‘unseen and unknown forces’, that want to lead men & women into hell fire. It has no financial attraction, so I wonder why people are traped-in.

    • Muhammad says:

      Just tell her the truth and the REAL reason you think the rlnhtioesaip is not working. Don’t give her some BS line, just tell her straight up.Im sure any girl would appreciate an honest answern rather than some made up line thats supposed to be a quick fix to breaking up.

  14. CTR says:

    Anyone who wrote a comment disagreeing or dismissing this post has never interacted socially with a hot girl as an equal. They have never dated a socially high-status woman. I would add the proviso, however, that this is the society of HOT GIRLS. It is not 52% of the population. It is lower. It includes all women who are attractive enough to live how they want to, minus the ones who have been culturally programmed to suppress it. Definitely smaller than 52%.

    • JacktheManiac says:

      52% of all statistics are made on the spot.

      On, and what else, what else…. you are not Tyler, you don’t get to talk about statistics and interpreting them. Word of god and all…

      The calculations are false. It assumes that the world population, (100%, or 6 billions) is composed of 52% female and 48% male. Where is the proof of that? Doubt there is a census proving these numbers.


      If out of 52%, 50% are woman and 2% are men. 1% is the total amount of the gay men on 6 billions people? Really? There was a census to repertory the amount of gay men on the planet? What about the gay men that are NOT in the secret society (and boy do I know them!)??? Where are they accounted for?

      So, if all the woman of the population are in the secret club, how is it my grandma didn’t get laid or didn’t suck the random next door’s guy cock despite being widowed for over 25 years? Same thing for my mother and… most of the ugly girls.

      As CTR above stated, if the 52% is only the hot girls, where are the ugly girls in the statistics? Perhaps Tyler meant that of 100% of the BEAUTIFUL people of the planet (but he didn’t write it down though?) 52% are hot women.

      And how do CTR know about the society of hot girls? And what is the objective definition of hot girl as in “interacted with a hot girl as an equal”? Being a random tourist in France, asking a hot girl for directions would be interacting with her as an equal, human being. Yet I could not have laid her for various reasons. Marriage, not my type beside being hot…

      Proof Pickup artist stuff makes no sense.

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  16. belowaverage says:

    great philosophical post. though I’d prefer some parts more clarified.. “using a condom is rational and therefore not necessary in the society” <— What the fuck…

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  18. VaginaMan says:

    agree :)

  19. typical says:

    Sigh so many people just read what has been typed up not trying to read between the lines to get a better understanding.

    There is a secret society, it works in such a way that most people that are members don’t know they are or more to the point don’t care that they are members or that others are not members.

    Nearly all women are members and only a handful of men rise up and are either given membership or earn it the hard way.

    The statistics are obviously made up but there is some truth to it just don’t read too much into it apart from the fact that majority of men ARE NOT MEMBERS PERIOD.

    Ever hear about the “dude” that gets all the girls from your school/uni/sports team/work, guess what he’s a member, most women will sleep with a guy like this until they are ready to settle down with a nice chump that will work his butt off to make their “relationship” work and provide a healthy loving environment for them to raise their kids and be “happy”. Most times one or more of the kids may not be biologically related to the provisioning father but might be the child of a rare man that is a member of this secret society.

    Trust me when I say that once you have been inside the close inner circles of this society women relationships and general interactions with all people is very very different. As a member most things are given to you without you asking for them.

    example: You are having a hard time finding a girlfriend members of the society will seek out and find a girl for you to date, they will even seek out multiple girls for you to date and pick the best one that suits your taste. You may sleep with all or none of them that is your choice.

    example: You can’t find a job. Members will go out of their way to find you a decent job or even provide you a way of getting a pay raise.

    Remember everyone in the secret society must feel good about themselves and each other and they all make sure everyone that is a member gets ahead in life using any means necessary.

    Now you make up your mind.

    But remember there is no such thing as a secret society and everything I have said is complete and utter nonsense and just rubbish floating around the internet to confuse people.


  20. dick says:

    sup niggas ^^

  21. Jg says:

    For all you taking it seriously, you are idiots. What he is exposing here is that every girl has a wild side to her. It is te law of the universe that she does. Every girl no matter how pride you might think she is, has done some crazy, slutty shit or secretly wants to. You need to learn how to get on that side of her. Guaranteed that your domesticated love of your life is someone else’s dirty hoe or one night stand at some point. Are you the guy on that side of it or the guy on the prude side. The point here is that it is UP TO YOU. So when you can take responsibility for that, you can become powerful and have a high rate of being that guy she was a little slut with. It’s like NLP in sales. If you know what you are doing, you can get anything you want and people will e happy to give it to you. So if you want to become irresistible you can learn or rather unlearn all the bullshit you were programmed about attraction and become irresistible to women. These guys are the first to do it, they just defined it into a skill set and understanding.

    • Shyamal says:

      A banter opneer I use at the gym sometimes:You: Are you flirting with me? Cause I’m just here to work out.Her: [cut her off]You: I’m not here to be picked up on by cuties. I hate that. [smile]From here you can continue with the role-reversal banter (you girls only think about one thing, I’m a lot more than just a piece of meat, etc.) or just stack to an unreleated routine.

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  29. Brad says:

    The paranoia, envy, vindictiveness, and fragility in certain members of my own gender sickens me. The males who glorify their weaknesses and crucify women for the same, are the males LEAST LIKELY TO SUCCEED in Life. They become those desperate old carcasses wandering around in faded speedos with canned tans and a pathetic neediness to retain their long since gone youth. We’ve all seen these dudes. Usually starting in their 40′s when the hair line begins receding, the paunchy, flabby bellies spill over the tops of their aged jeans, their faces haggard, wrinkled, and reflecting theri obvious inner tensions as they struggle desperately to convince younger men around them and the younger females around them that they are still sexually relevant, when the fact is they are long since past their biological peak. So they scramble like crabs across the crusty remnants of their faded glory, such as it ever was. Like vampires of the worst kind, they drift around hoping to catch the eye of some drunk female or one looking for a quick lay and hope that if they stay in the less well lit areas of a room their age will go less noticed. With a marriage or two, or three, under their withered belts they reek of failure as Men. Having failed in every role a man can have as Nature dictates – that of father, son, uncle, brother, friend, and husband – they still attempt to live a credible life while hanging on with clinched fists to the most juvenile and unevolved of mindsets. They rationalize being pretenders to thrones that only exist in their fantasies. The entirety of their personal lives are almost always constructs and reflections of the one fear they do not dare give serious consideration to, that of Death. Coccooned in their denial, they blind themselves to what every one else sees: That they are weak, desperate, self-centered, and unyielding. Rather than take responsibility for the repurcussions of their mismanaged choices in Life, they resort to targeting and blaming the gender that so effortlessly detects how false and insignificant they are as men. These types of men cannot accept that Nature does to them what it does to everything: renders them sexually obsolete over time. These are the morons who try to become fathers when their sperm is most likely to produce physical disabiity in their offspring. Our sperm becomes very unviable from our late 30′s on and it is a monumental act of supreme ego and psychotic predatory will to risk harming their own potential offspring. Instead of self-acceptance, they practice a daily routine of cognitive dissonance that makes them laughable. They don’t hear the giggles and snickering behind their backs as women rightly whisper to each other,”That dude is so desperate to be percieved as still being youthful he’ll do any damn thing.” These are the idiots who actually believe the women who tell them they are ‘hot for their age’ and smart and laugh at their idiotic stories, boasts, and jokes while rolling their eyes and pointing and laughing at him when he’s off some places smiling at his own reflection. Men greatly underestimate the humanity of women. And when reality hits them that women like sex, get sex, and get more sex it enrages the average used up old man because deep inside he senses his own falseness and resents that they do not play along with him in his distorted and disturbed game of “50 is the new40″ when in fact 50 is 50. He’ll swallow the most trivial and insincere flattery without considering the source or that, in reality, he’s merely being acknowledge as the utter joke he’s made himself become.

    The weaker of our gender cannot abide the idea that women can game them in their sleep. That women can, and do, have more than one boyfriend at a time. This is not only totally normal, it is also natural in the sense that women are biologically and physiologically built to seek out and have multiple partners. Women are capable of multiple orgasms and deep down the envy that some men feel about this causes them to want to strangle the free will of women; to dominate and direct it because they fear being cast aside, easily. The women sees young, vigorous, and sexually viable males with more stamina and energy, not to mention a generally far more positive and happy disposition than the older, cynical, bitter males and she desires them and pursues them. The vast majority of the time the woman will enjoy every aspect of the younger male. This too is far more natural biologically than the reverse. It never ceases to crack me up when I hear some of the desperate idiots of my own gender who are in such deep denial or, being aware of women as they are, ( which are glorious creatures really ), they set about trying to tear women down amongst themselves any way they can simply to reassure each other that being stupid, banal, and having the temperment of spoiled little boys is actually rational inside the body of a middle-aged male. Having been easily programmed by patriarchal and religous brainwashing, they feel an interior conflict inside themsleves when they pass male maturity. Women as flesh and blood and having sexual needs suddenly seems to them a final offer: grow up or die in irrelevant obscurity. So they go drink in dingy, dark bars staying primarily in the company of other failed men like themselves. They’re a sorry lot and hardly deserving of the title of ‘Man’ as we understand the better ideals we all understand to be the proper position of ‘man’ in society. The crass failure, whose failure begins in his twenties and is simply repeated year by year until his death, knows that he cannot achieve and will not come close to achieving proper maturity as an adult male so he throws hiimself backwards to adolescence. This male is extremely easy to spot because he will tend to be predatory and inclined towards near having sexual fixations that are pubescent, hence explaining the sports car and the younger woman willing to fuck him, though she will also keep more age appropriate males on the side whom she is most likely to actually achieve a normal and natural life with. The idea of a younger woman is merely a symptom of men who fail to launch as mature males and thus render themselves walking cartoons. Stick a child in a grown mans body and all you haveis a monsterous, unevolved bag of bones walking the Earth with a sucking sound roaring around him as he tries desperately to feed on youth. That it is done does not make it normal or natureal, but the men of this ilk, who are simply not up to par nor up to level with fully developed males who are confident and content with the natural process of aging and role evolution over Time, have spent immense amounts of time and energy building a never ending series of myths they simply regurgitate amongst themselves through various forms of media.

    The fact of the matter is this: Women, and any other generally oppressed minotiryt, are not going to go backwards and content themselves with being ‘other’ anymore. The men who can’t handle this fact simply aren’t men. They are aberrations and in the new schme of things are irrelevant. The men who are ACTUALLY successful with women are the men who atually LIKE women as a gender in general. They have long since experienced satisfying platonic relationships with women and have a mentality that belongs in todays world. They want and are capable of having goals towards being married men who do not take oaths likely and when they do take an oath to a woman, they abandon all others not only willingly but with the genuine understanding that faithfulness to a woman is their highest achievement as sexual partners. It ameks them more viable over Time. The male who cannot sustain such advancement find themseles more and more simply pushed to the sidelines where all their mismanaged time in Life rightly relegates them. Real men understand these things and many more by the time they’re 25, when the hight of their sexual and emotional maturity is in bloom. Want to see the failure? Simply find a run down beach bar somewhere and you’ll see them there, banded together in their wrinkled, haggard faces and glasses of cheap bourbon, cigars, and coarse conversation as they signal to those around them that they are utter losers sexually and as men. Strip clubs would be out of business if it were not for the male failures harboring fantasies of screwing their own daughters, long since estranged from them. I have worked with these Non-Men and gone to school with them and watched as one marriage after the next fails. As they try to comp[ensate for hte effects of Time with low-end sports cars, mid-priced colognes, and hair transplants.
    The males I’ve known who are most successful AS men want nothing to do with these cowards. Women have recognized the difference and appreciate it over the long term in comparison to the non-viable males whose bloom has long since fallen off the bloom.

    Grow up or shut up. That’s where it’s at gentlemen. You can whine and cry and objectiy and hate and search desperately for your personal fount of youth, but you will not find it and you will simply advertise yourselves very obviously as being failures as men. It’s your choice but it requires effort of a kind you shrink from because you are, ultimately, cowards. The real men of the world find as you insignificant and obsolete as you are. We are not your buddies and we are the men who scoop up your failures and make sucesses of them for oursel es. Carry on fellows, carry on…the real men appreciate, as your coardice can be appreciate by anyone.

  30. Stacey Mihlfeld says:

    The term Hinduism also occurs sporadically in Sanskrit texts such as the later Rajataranginis of Kashmir (Hinduka, c. 1450), some 16th-18th century Bengali Gaudiya Vaishnava texts, including Chaitanya Charitamrita and Chaitanya Bhagavata, usually to contrast Hindus with Yavanas or Mlecchas.::,;

    Find out more about our personal web site as well

  31. says:

    The secret society never invites anyone.

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  33. OriginalAB says:

    My partner is a member, I am not so I only have an anecdotal perspective based solely on observation. I have served witness to the non-verbal communication, the victim of the ditching because I made others feel uncomfortable. I have also been stalked, my communications manipulated, my electronics infiltrated and my name intentionally tarnished. I am not certain if attempts were made to initiate me, I think there were. My partner is soon to become my ex partner. The lies, manipulation, and bullshit had endangered lives, including my own. From the surface, this looks paranoid and delusional, however, if you were a member of a secret society, what lengths would you go to to protect your secret and its members? Especially the affluent, who live daily as a productive member of society, at night are the devils workshop.

  34. attila hun says:

    well this fucking article shocked me and made my life hell . it was a kick in the butt. ve been learning and following tyler durden . but life is still stranger than this. and players dont have that much advantage .but it is worth it. there was another article just this and he called women bitches .that article was better written . but the content were same.

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  36. John Doe says:

    It’s entertaining when someone who has no concept of evolutionary psychology or biology tries to qualitatively explain sexual behavior in men and women. The reality of the situation is that people have sex to reproduce. Even if someone claims they never want to have kids, and only pursue sexual endeavors for pleasure, that is still their genetically programmed urge telling the body to reproduce. That’s why sex feels so amazing, to exponentially increase the odds of reproduction. There are multiple mating strategies in the mammalian world. We will focus on humans. For thousands of years, the generally accepted mating strategy for a male was to impregnate everything on two legs. Why was this the strategy? It’s instinct. When medicine was not around, and sickness was very common, and you had to worry about your children either dying or being eaten, you had more children. Maybe 5, 10, 20, 70, depending on how long you live and how available resources are to you. You spent more time on quantity and less time on quality. The more children you have, the more likely at least one of them will successfully pass on you genetic line. This strategy is hardwired into almost every man on the planet. Even in the ones where it doesn’t really show, it’s still buried deep in the code. As resources became more plentiful, and medicine improved, a new strategy has developed. Instead of having many children to ensure the survival of your line, you invest time into just a few children. Time and resources allow the child to grow stronger, tougher, smarter, and develop to his/her full potential. Quality over quantity. This is how love evolved. Love evolved to promote that bond of raising bad ass children.

    Now there is the woman. A woman has to be much more careful in her investments. She can’t just go have sex with no consequence. She has a reproduction time cap. If she gets pregnant, that is a nine month time period she guaranteed has to focus on that child. Therefore, it is important that the father have great genetics, and be a great pool of resources, and also be capable of sticking around for the kid. A woman is by principle much less likely to cheat then a male. That is a fact. There is a lot more risk for a woman to cheat than a man, and the profit is minimal. She risks losing the support of her partner and being left to die in the streets, or jungle, or modern day metropolis, what have you. Are some women cheating whores? Obviously. Does everyone have the capacity to cheat? Maybe. But it is a game of probability and circumstance.

    The reason there are man whores is because whether they realize it or not, they are abiding by a pre-programmed mating strategy that has existed for a long, time. There is nothing less manly about not having less sexual partners and getting married. It may prove to be a more successful and manly strategy in the end when the genetic lines of the man whore dies off from lack of time investment into the offspring.

    I have nothing against the guy that goes out and sleeps around, or the guy who sticks in a relationship. I have been both at times. Which has caused me serious problems in my life. I had been with 21 girls before I found the love of my life, and before I was with her I went to get tested because it was the right thing to do. I had chlamydia that I got from a slutty freshman blonde that I brought home from a party and drunkenly fucked while I had some shitty Netflix movie on in the background. Thank god it was curable and only bacteria. I learned a serious lesson. Because we are in an evolutionary transitional phase in mating strategy, most guys have both the urge to fuck everything, and find and good girl at the same time.

    What is the better strategy? Who knows. They are both currently viable. The sad thing about this is that a real man doesn’t try to write a book and dissect the identity of the alpha male. A real man wouldn’t even think to do that, and would quickly recognize that the person who did this is a beta male, trying two present himself as something he is not and cover up massive amounts of insecurity and self-hate. This kind of stuff can’t be taught from someone else. There is no manual on how to pick up girls. Is there a psychology to it? Yes. But to be an alpha male you have to find that animal within yourself. It might require you to go into battle. Or go on a hunt in the wilderness. Or win a fight or competition. But once you wake up that animal that is inside of you, you reach a new level of confidence and calm. You don’t feel the need to talk about how many girls you have fucked, because people can assume that just by your aura. You don’t need to be disrespectful to women or play mind games with them because that’s what a weak desperate man would do. You don’t need to play mind games. The girls know that you are one of the top dogs because they can see how calm and confident, and intelligent you are. You don’t need to raise your voice when a guy pretending to be an alpha male like Tyler Durden, tries to get into your social group at a bar and be a smart ass by insulting you, you just calmly tell him to rethink his next move, and when he doesn’t, you drop the mother fucker, because you are the man. Women can recognize when mean are weak and have to manipulate their way into bed. Your chances are much lower if you take this mind game route. You may fuck a lot of nasty easy tail sure, but if you want the genetic cream of the female crop, the hot ass girls, who have class and have families with resources, who are highly evolved and represent the latest advancement in females, just find the inner man in you. The thought of learning this secret society mind game crap honestly makes me feel embarrassed. I would never associate myself with such weakness. Such beta-maleness. Being a man is about knowing you are. Knowing that you are flesh and blood, and are going to die someday. And then conquering the fear of death. Once you conquer the fear of death, the ultimate fear, you stop being afraid of anything. I don’t care if it’s a fucking massive dude ready to kick your ass, or the hottest girl in the bar. You aren’t afraid. And when you approach her, she is genetically programmed to analyze how you carry yourself. She will sense that feeling of coolness, and collectedness, and feel safe around you, yet intrigued by the mystery of who you are. And when a tyler durden comes around to her and tries to jump in and be cute and funny, you tell the weasel to get lost before you crush him. Anyway, just how I feel. Some people are born as alpha males. and some aren’t. nothing wrong with beta males. there strategy could very well be superior in the endgame. But some guys are born alphas and never realize it because society only allows for pussies now. go find that animal and find your mountain that you can stand on.

    • beta man whore says:

      “I have nothing against the guy that goes out and sleeps around, or the guy who sticks in a relationship.”

      Interesting how in this sentance it’s “the guy that goes out and sleeps around” – the others it’s a man whore and chest thumping mountain man vs. the weakling pua bs. Seriously, you suggest violently attacking someone. Get some help dude.

      Furthermore if you’re happily married, what the hell are you spending one second on this? Why did you just waste maybe 10 minutes or your life reading Tyler’s thought experiment, and spend at least that long writing a reply?

      The people reading the above, believe it or not, are trying to improve themselves. Regardless of the content and end goal of that, that’s what they’re trying to do. And your intent is?

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  38. Khumate Mibro' says:

    I’ve always thought this is virtually bullshit,
    Taken into account that there is no proof.
    The reading between lines thing makes it so convenient for “the society”huh?Oh if only Icould take a Pill that would fix all my problems pfffff. Bullshit.

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  40. Paul miles says:

    I like the sound of this secret society

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